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Research and innovation services

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R+D+i Projects
Information and advice on calls for research proposals (public and private)
  • Access to the funding announcements database for R+D+i projects on local, regional, national and international levels
  • Support for the development of joint projects (University-Company, Company-Company) as part of the following initiatives: PROFIT, PETRI, EU, CENIT, CIDEM
  • Partner search (in the commercial and university sectors, with local, regional, national or international organisations)
  • Advice on administrative and financial aspects of project management.
Technical support
  • Portfolio of technical services (provided by the PMT and UPC)
  • Innovation consulting (advisors and promoters specialising in different sectors)
Project certification (AIDIT)
  • Technical and financial assessment of R+D+i projects carried out by companies in any sector
  • All types of certification: Content, Content and first phase, Monitoring
Recruitment of R+D+i staff
  • Practical experience and/or training contracts
  • Recruitment contracts for graduates and postgraduates in public and/or private companies 

Technology transfer
Collaboration contracts and agreements
  • Creation of collaboration contracts and agreements with public and private bodies for R+D+i projects, training, recruitment and/or the dissemination of scientific-technical information
  • Sponsorship of various activities (conferences, meetings, courses)
  • Collaboration framework agreements
Identification, Assessment, Valuation, Protection and Commercialisation of R+D+i results (INNOVA)
  • Protection of industrial and intellectual property (licences and patents)
Identification of results and assessment of types of protection
Creation of complete protection protocol at both the national and international level (Europe, USA, Japan and other countries)
Creation of contracts for the lease and sale of patents and licences (including software and brands)
  • Creation of companies (Technology-based Businesses or EBTs)
Advice on company creation 
Support for securing funding

Technological portfolio
Range of technical expertise
  • Research groups, research centres (public and private), technological innovation networks (XITs), spin-off and other EBTs, research staff, technical expertise of resident PMT staff
  • Identification of capabilities at a local level (PMT, CBL), and at UPC, regional, national and/or international levels if applicable
  • Segmentation (sector, market, technology)
  • Dissemination of events (presentations, seminars, courses)
Technical services
  • Capacity of research centres and groups (laboratories, infrastructures, staff)
  • Contracting, invoicing and administrative procedures
Technological Forecast and Surveillance
  • In the PMT’s fundamental fields (Aeronautics, ICT and Agri-Foods)
  • In other emerging fields with the collaboration of the UPC Park, other UPC campuses and other national and international technology parks


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