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Castelldefels is a town located to the south of Barcelona between the Llobregat delta and the Garraf massif.

With a largely young population of over 50,000, Castelldefels is the tourist capital of the Baix Llobregat. Its status as the district capital stems from a long history of tourism and the natural features on which this is based: over three miles of beaches with excellent facilities, which have long made the sea the focus of the city.

However, its dynamic character is not based exclusively on tourism. Castelldefels is an enterprising town with a diverse economy. The bulk of the local economy is based on the tertiary sector, although there is also a large industrial sector, which is mainly comprised of the manufacturing and metal industries.

However, the local economy is fundamentally based on services (which employ 73.2% of the working population), the principal sectors being commerce, leisure, the catering industry and services to companies and individuals.

Castelldefels has a bright future. Some years ago, it was decided that the town would not miss out on the opportunities provided by new technologies and the knowledge society, and this attitude is reflected in the open manner with which the Mediterranean Technology Park (PMT) has been received in the area.

The town is fully aware that the PMT represents an excellent opportunity for the municipality as a whole. However, it was not an arbitrary decision to create the Park in this area, since Castelldefels meets all of the necessary conditions to become a nucleus of technological development. Namely, it has dynamic demographics, with a high rate of population growth and, it is a service-based city. In addition, the town also enjoys a privileged location.

This favourable location is due in part to its excellent transport links. Castelldefels is linked to Barcelona, the Baix Llobregat and Garraf by the C-32 motorway, the C-31 expressway and the C-245 regional highway. It is also served by several metropolitan bus services and two railway stations, as well as a new railway line that will soon reach the town. Finally, it is located only four miles from Barcelona’s El Prat Airport.

For more information, visit the Castelldefels City Council website.

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