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RDIT building
Anticipated opening date: 2012.
The REDIT building (Research+Development+Technological Innovation) is designed for the following activities:
  • R&D activities carried out by multinationals or large-scale national companies
  • Small and medium companies that carry out extensive R&D or innovation activities
  • Groups that offer the following types of services: legal, fiscal, marketing, financing, quality control
  • University research groups with competitive funding
  • Public research centres promoted by the University and/or the Regional Government
  • Joint projects between private companies and university groups or research centres
  • Spin-off companies created by the University and public research centres 
The building has the following characteristics:
  • Total area: 10,000 m2. The total internal area will be 2,500 m2 distributed over four floors (GF+3)
  • The building is constructed as a series of modules (separate blocks that can be combined) in order to provide maximum versatility. Consequently, the units in the north section can be subdivided into 12 smaller units (64 m2) and those in the south section can be divided into 10 large units (105 m2). Each floor is designed so that it may be divided into 22 separate units or into a single, large unit. The flexibility of the design allows multiple configurations
  • All units are accessed via two modules in the centre of the building
  • Meeting rooms will be available on each floor
  • There will be 80 parking spaces available to users. Since the building is located at the edge of the Park, drivers are recommended to use the centre of the complex as little as possible
  • The building is equipped with cutting edge technical facilities
  • Other services:
Adjustable air-conditioning for individual modules 
Voice and data network 
Electricity, water and gas supplies 
Cleaning of common areas and offices 
Preventive and corrective maintenance 
Rest areas with vending machines 
Alarm systems connected to a central receiver 
Cash dispenser


Technology incubator
Objectives of the technology incubator
  • Promoting and supporting new business initiatives in the PMT
  • Highlighting the knowledge of university research groups
  • Facilitating the creation of spin-off companies by the research centres and companies based in the Park
  • Providing the spin-off companies with a first class university, scientific and technological environment in which they can begin to develop projects
  • Establishing loyalty initiatives for spin-off companies incubated at the PMT so that they continue to develop in the Park during the post-incubation period
  • Helping in the overall creation and development of the PMT’s the founding objectives
Available services
  • Monitoring, advisory and consulting services
  • Information service
  • Training service: guidance on the need for employee training, regular running of courses, technical workshops and seminars
  • Support service for securing funding
  • Legal, labour, accounting, tax, image, communication and recruitment services: list of providers available

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